Water damage and fire damage restoration is a job only professionalism with years of hands on experience can complete.  Lexington Construction, LLC.  Provides quality workmanship on every job. Our professional contractors work fast to get your home or business back to normal.

Commercial Restoration


Call us at (859) 333-9898 immediately to limit the damage and salvage your home.  Fire damage restoration is a tough job that is best handled by specialized professionals to ensure the best possible results.  By acting quickly and securing fire damage restoration services, we can help get your life back on track after such a devastating event. Call Steve 24/7 at (859) 333-9898. 


Fire & Water Damage Repair

When fire or water damages your home or office, count on our contractors to repair it.


Protect your home.

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Keep Your Deductable!

Contact Steve today. He has Thirty-three years of general contracting experience. Discuss the damage caused to your property by a fire or water issue.   You may have a desire in mind too upgrade or repair  property